Warbird Capital LLC


Welcome to Warbird Capital LLC!

Warbird Capital is a private investment and advisory firm located in New Canaan, CT.

Advisory services include small business assistance plus large ticket transportation advisory.

Warbird is unique in providing advisory, diagnosis and coaching for entrepeneurs / small businesses needing finance and turnaround assistance, plus also providing the capital to implement the agreed plan.  Common situations are businesses that are on a treadmill from high cost, short term debt like merchant cash advance deals, poor forecasting causing cash flow issues, working capital needs of growing faster than the capital base allows etc.  Large ticket transporation work includes advisory and turnaround related to Aviation and Rail leasing, Aircraft supply and demand analysis and forecasting (including lease rates and values), restructurings of aircraft finance, airlines, aviation supply chain and services companies.

Investment products include private equity and loans for small to mid sized businesses of all types.   Areas of particular interest for larger transactions are Transportation (Air, Rail, Marine etc), Energy (especially renewable) and related companies, including supply chain and services.

Warbird was founded by Nicholas Pastushan, formerly Chief Investment Officer of CIT Transportation Finance, with over $20B of Transportation leases and loans. Previously, Nicholas was at GE Capital Aviation Services, the largest commercial air lending and leasing operation, with over $50B of assets.