Warbird Capital, and its founder, Nicholas Pastushan are experienced in all areas of business management, business improvement / turnaround as well as restructuring.

Warbird acts as a principal, both in making loans, equity investments and in buying secondary deft (often distressed) or equity for turnarounds.

Warbird has successfully made many loans, minority equity and control equity transactions, often starting from troubles situations requiring cash infusions, operational, financial restructuring as well as management additions or replacement.

Key roles of Mr. Pastushan prior to founding Warbird include:

Chief Investment Officer and Chief Credit Officer of CIT Transportation Finance, with $20B of Assets including $10B+ of Commercial Air loans, leases and supply chain and services financing, Rail, Maritime, Business Jets and Merger and Acquisition leveraged lending for transportation and government contracting related entities. The CIT Aviation lease portfolio was sold to Avolon in 2017. Permanent member of CIT’s top level credit committee with visibility on all latge transactions in the enterprise.

VP of Portfolio Management and Director of Industry Research at GECAS (1999-2005). This involved the post 9/11 Gulf War and SARS time period, with heavy restructuring activity with leases / airlines.